Sviluppo Fornitore

Verify provides supplier development services to customers seeking to recover, assure or improve supplier performance. These services can employ a broad range of quality engineering techniques and tools, depending on customer objectives and supplier situations. From a single supplier anomaly to a major supply chain initiative, our quality engineers, technical specialists and supplier managers can evaluate and improve quality, production and business processes to ensure compliant product is delivered on time.

Quality Engineering

A discipline using engineering methods to minimize process variations and eliminate waste.

Troubleshooting And Error Proofing

Activity that determines the root cause of problems, thus enabling the effective implementation of functional and human factor improvements to prevent reoccurrence of a problem.

Corrective Action Management

Management and technical oversight of corrective actions taken by the supplier in response to a discrepancy or improvement opportunity found during a customer inspection, audit or surveillance.

Supplier Surveillance

Examination of supplier activities to confirm initial and ongoing compliance to customer performance, quality or schedule requirements.